About Leisa

Leisa began her career in natural health over 30 years ago. She is passionate about helping people to make the very best of their lives – to improve their outlook on life, attain optimum health and achieve their goals and dreams. She believes the more we achieve for ourselves, the more we can help others.

Her vast experience and knowledge, along with her commitment to her work, ensure her treatments are unique and very effective. She is able to work in a truly holistic way, looking at all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing – the physical, emotional, nutritional and energetical (meridians, chakras, etc). Different techniques can be combined within one treatment for optimum effect.

She has a friendly compassionate manner and her clients’ care and comfort is of utmost importance.  Patients are treated in strict confidence, in warm peaceful surroundings.

She is always happy to answer enquiries, either by telephone or email.

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