Deep Tissue, Sports Remedial Massage – Brighton, Sussex

Come and relax on our luxurious heated massage table

Leisa is experienced in working very deeply and firmly into muscles and tissues when required.  Her ability to achieve this makes her very popular with sports people (who often have difficulty finding someone who can massage deeply enough for their needs) and anyone suffering from very tight, sore muscles and joints or back pain.

Powerful Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Techniques can be combined with a massage treatment to enhance the healing process and remove any blocks which are delaying or preventing proper healing. Nutritional advice may also be offered when relevant to aid and support the healing process.  Leisa will advise when she feels it would be beneficial for these techniques to be included.

Essential oils are always used during a massage to further enhance its effect.  Oils frequently used for sports people include those which reduce inflammation or congestion, stimulate blood circulation to cleanse congested muscles, and help with the elimination of any toxins released from the muscles during massage.

Natural Basalt hot stones can be used within a massage treatment to help relax muscles, allowing the therapist to work more deeply into tight muscles.


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