Natural Face Lift (Facial Rejuvenation) in Brighton, Sussex

The most blissful, uplifting and relaxing treatment you will ever experience…

  •  Lift and Tone your Face
  • Reduce Lines & Wrinkles
  • Brighten your Complexion
  • Relax and Balance your Whole Body
  • Release Stress and Tension from your Face and Body


This beautiful natural treatment incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques drawn from both Japanese (Anma) and Indian (Ayervedic) Face Massage along with Acupressure and Facial Reflexology which help to balance the whole body,  followed by lymphatic drainage to cleanse away any toxins released during the treatment.

A blend of essential oils will be specially chosen for you at the beginning of your treatment to further enhance the effect and your enjoyment of this wonderful treatment. Soft lighting, candles and beautiful relaxing music will ensure you float out afterwards!

The treatment works on both the surface and deep facial muscles, stimulating blood flow and oxygenation, releasing congestion and toxins and toning the facial muscles.

As with all muscles our facial muscles absorb and retain our emotions. We’ve all seen the face of someone who has had a life of hardship and stress – they look drawn and tired and their face literally droops along with their spirits. Notice how your own face changes with your mood too! This treatment releases emotions from the facial muscles, leaving you looking and feeling rejuvenated and uplifted.

The Natural Face Lift treatment includes:

  • Neck, shoulder and head massage to relieve tension in these areas
  • Holistic energy balancing using Acupuncture Meridian points and Facial Reflexology
  • Smoothing of the facial skin and muscles
  • Lifting and Stabilising of the facial muscles
  • Lymphatic drainage to cleanse away toxins released
  • Grounding and healing to gently bring you back down to Earth!

Organic Facial

To further enhance the effect of this treatment, a luxury Organic Facial can be incorporated. This is most effective when done at the end of the Natural Face Lift treatment when the skin is relaxed and most receptive to the products.

The Deluxe Facial includes your choice of a hand and arm massage or a foot massage/reflexology while the Face Mask is working its magic

  • Cleanse and exfoliation
  • Specially selected face mask
  • Skin softening or toning lotion
  • Firming eye serum/balm
  • Special treatment serum or oil
  • Deeply hydrating cream/lotion

Mini Natural Face Lift

A shorter version of the Natural Facelift, this 45 minute treatment is perfect if you don’t have the time for the full treatment (great for a lunchtime treat!). It includes a 15 minute shoulder, neck, face and head massage followed by the full Organic Facial.  Makes a wonderful gift and is a popular treatment for gift vouchers.


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