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Free yourself from your trapped emotions and watch your health and your life transform

Whenever we have a negative feeling, physical or emotional (eg, pain, illness, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, despair, depression, phobia etc….) it is because the body’s energy system has become disrupted and imbalanced.  EFT works by balancing the energy system while focusing on the subject that causes the disruption and negative feelings.  If the person does not know what is causing the disruption, they simply focus on the negative emotion or discomfort itself. The balancing is done by tapping the ends of the meridians (energy lines within the body) whilst repeating statements to keep the subconscious mind connected to the subject or emotion. This enables the person’s subconscious to reprogram itself so that the subject no longer causes the disruption and negative emotion.  It is an extremely powerful way of cleansing the mind, body and soul of negativity and disease, past and current.

Sometimes a person may have a problem (physical or emotional) that their subconscious mind is unwilling or not ready to let go of.  No matter how much their conscious mind wishes to release the problem, if the subconscious mind doesn’t then nothing will help very much until that has been dealt with. This is known as Psychological Reversal and is almost always the case with chronic problems that nothing has helped with.  It can be a major factor behind any problem, mild or serious.

Psychological Reversal

Fortunately Psychological Reversal can be easily and quickly corrected with EFT and Kinesiology, enabling a person to free themself of attachment to their problems and begin the healing process.  People are often amazed how quickly their health and life improve once any Psychological Reversal has been corrected.

Common Signs of Psychological Reversal

  • Chronic (long-term) illness or pain, physical or emotional – sometimes inexplicable or with no firm diagnosis.
  • Inability to reach or maintain a healthy weight
  • Difficulty in conquering addictions, fears or phobias
  • Allergies or food intolerances
  • Ongoing struggle with money
  • Relationship problems (eg, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours)
  • Repeatedly making the same “mistakes” – eg, always attracting poor relationships or unsuitable jobs
  • Feeling stuck in certain areas of your life or in a rut
  • Procrastinating without really understanding why


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