Discover your own personal genetic variants and how to support them


Nutrigenomics is the science of our gene variants and how they impact our body’s ability to process and utilise different nutrients. Discovering your own personal gene variants and the impact they are likely to have on your health and wellbeing can be very useful. Once you know your own genetic strengths and weaknesses, you can create the diet and lifestyle that best suits you and your genes. We all have genetic variants called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms – thankfully usually referred to as SNPs (pronounced snips) for short! Some of these can have a significant impact on how we utilise and breakdown certain nutrients and substances. For example, if you know that you have a certain SNP that means you cannot utilise a nutrient in a particular form, then you can ensure that you get that nutrient in the best form for your body.

LifeCode GX offer testing on a large selection of genes, all of which offers useful information to help you make the best diet and lifestyle choices to help you obtain and maintain the best health possible for you personally.

Your genes do not change throughout your life so you only need to test them once in your lifetime. You cannot change your genetic makeup but you CAN influence how your genes express themselves by supporting them with your diet and lifestyle.

If you are interested in having your genes tested, please contact Leisa who is a trained Practitioner with Lifecode GX, one of the leading companies in genetic testing for health and wellbeing. (Please note, gene variants/mutations that indicate high risk of serious disease are not included in the tests as specialised counselling is advised before being tested for these)

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