Just to let you know how delighted I am with the amazing results from the EFT session I had with you.  I cannot remember the last time I slept through the night without disrupted sleep.  This is truly staggering and such a relief to know that I am now able to have normal sleep patterns.

With grateful thanks.

Very best wishes

Anne, Surrey

I have had countless massages by numerous persons over many years however Leisa’s are ‘simply the best’. To have a massage given by Leisa is one of life’s absolute pleasures. She goes deeply into tissues which desperately need attention and has the ability to get knots out of shoulders that others just ignore.

Catherine, Surrey

My life has a distinct ‘pre’ and ‘post’ feel to it since being introduced to Leisa Brown. Before I met her, I had tried all kinds of treatments and therapies in the hope that they would address and deal with my problems. Unfortunately, none of them was able to give me any long lasting, beneficial effects. However, when I started working with Leisa a dramatic change occurred within me, literally within the first session!  Through her multi-faceted approach in which she utilises Kinesiology, EFT and nutrition, I, for the first time in my adult life felt transformed. Not only does she employ a fantastic array of methods, but she is also incredibly caring and nurturing in character, something that is entirely and intuitively ‘her’. As such I have felt nothing but confidence and trust when she is working with me. The difference from the time I step through the door until I leave is immense! I feel like a new woman. One who can achieve anything.

I could not recommend Leisa Brown more highly. She is one of a kind. I feel so grateful to have met her. And I feel assured in saying that she can work the wonders on you just as she had on me!

Sally, Brighton

I first visited Leisa when I had been experiencing awful stomach pains and a constant feeling of nausea for four months and I had had a ruptured ovarian cyst four weeks previously. I was unable to walk far, lift anything heavy and in constant pain. I had EFT as well as Kinesiology with Leisa, I can’t express how much this treatment turned everything around. Within four treatments I was able to stop taking anti-sickness pills, return to longer hours at work and start to lead a more physical lifestyle again, and within the following three treatments I returned to full time work and was experiencing very little pain. The pain had gone from being continuous to possibly about 3-5 hours a week.

And now, 4 months on from the initial treatment I am able to run about playing footy with my son and go on bike rides and best of all I can enjoy dancing again!!  All of course in moderation as I have to slowly build up all the muscles again. It is amazing how quick your body looses its physical fitness.

I continue to see Leisa as I feel there is still so many areas in my life that she helps me to understand and grow with or indeed without! Leisa would be the first one to say that you heal yourself, but I know I could not have done it without her! 

Thanks again Leisa x

Sanaan, Brighton

I went to see Leisa last November to help me with my cat allergy. I have had severe cat allergy for as long as I can remember and it gave me bad asthma. I was moving in with my partner and his cat and was determined to try to ‘cure’ my allergy before we made the decision that the cat had to go.  After a few Kinesiology treatments I can honestly say I am no longer allergic to any cats.   To me that’s a miracle.

Leisa has also encouraged me to use EFT to work on other issues in my life and I am beginning to process some life stuff that has been affecting me for many many years. I am still on the path of change and I finally feel that I have found not only the right treatments for me but the right person to support me through them. Leisa has always been friendly, kind and very easy to talk to.  It has often felt like she is my inner voice, saying my thoughts out loud and helping me to realise I’m no different to the next person. I cannot recommend her enough.

Vicki, Brighton

I always feel confident with Leisa because she is so skilled and I always leave Leisa feeling like I’ve really had a good treatment. She provides a diverse range of treatments and can adapt to meet your individual needs. She is approachable, confidential and professional and I would (and regularly do) recommend her.

Julia, Shoreham

I have now been a client with Leisa for over a year and to be honest, this is the most useful treatment that I have ever received. Useful in the way that it really does help where necessary nutrition has been identified and tailored for my individual needs in order to stay healthy, and I strongly believe that the treatment contributes to prevent ill health.

I can just mention that I have suffered from a ‘frozen shoulder’ for years and have used pain killers of several types and physiotherapy. It has helped for a short period of time, but the problem has always returned. This shoulder of mine caused me a lot of pain but after a few sessions with Leisa, with muscle manipulation, nutrition and EFT, the shoulder is now as good as new.

I feel very relaxed and re-energized after a treatment and I would not hesitate to recommend Kinesiology to others. Leisa is very professional and it amazes me time after time how she manage to find solutions and treatment to problems that have sometimes been going on for years.

Gunn-Marie, Brighton

Being trained as a massage therapist myself I must admit that I am very picky! Finally I have found someone I trust. Leisa is professional, respectful and attentive. She has a deep awareness of the body and understands how to promote the healing within it. Both with my massages and kinesiology treatments I leave feeling renewed both physically and emotionally.

Saskia, Arundel

In the past I have been the world’s greatest sceptic of all types of alternative treatments. This being said, I was persuaded a number of years ago to undertake a series of massages to help with two issues that were slowly having a detrimental impact on my health and mobility. An old shoulder injury had begun to give me muscular discomfort and was slowly seizing up. This was compounded by a stressful period at work where the stress was beginning to affect my general well being. A family member, who was in receipt of treatment by Leisa Brown advised me to stop being a doubting Thomas and try a course of treatments.

From the outset I was impressed by Leisa’s manner. She is a friendly, approachable and extremely likable character who has the ability to instantly put you at ease and allay any doubts or qualms that you may have. Leisa achieves this feat primarily by means of her professional approach to her craft coupled with an obvious depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience. She is skilled in her art and from the many conversations I have had with her, it is evident that she seeks to keep abreast of new developments and techniques which she sees as essential to assist her to help her clients.

Simply put, she works very hard at making sure that the client gets the best and most effective possible treatment. In the many years that followed since this doubting Thomas was converted, I can honestly say that she has helped me a great deal, and I hope will continue to do so. I wholeheartedly recommend Leisa to the reader.

Bob, London

I have suffered with Migraines since 1977 and they were getting more and more severe especially so in early 2006 along with neck and back pains plus low energy. I was prescribed various migraine tablets which were in affective and I ended up in a dark room for hours on end.

I decided to seek alternative medicines and found Leisa Brown who diagnosed various foods that triggered my migraines. I changed my diet accordingly and on my second visit to Leisa a Month later I had not suffered a migraine attack. It is now 5 months later and I’m still free from migraine attacks.

I still visit Leisa on a monthly basis, my neck and back pains have ceased and I’m more active at work and at home and I feel GREAT.

Many Thanks Leisa.



Dear Leisa

I am writing to you to thank you for your help in passing my driving test.

As you know I had been ‘suffering’ with my driving lessons and was very nervous before my driving test. Well I am pleased to say that after two Kinesiology sessions with you, as if by magic, the next time I got in a car for a driving lesson, my nervousness had completely disappeared. I then sat my driving test a week later and was delighted that despite my best efforts to fail it, I passed first time!

I would like to thank you for your help with the treatment and for helping me completely change my life.

Thank you!

James, Surrey

I have found Leisa a very intuative and knowledgable and lovely lady. I have always found my visits to Leisa very healing and she seems to know just what is needed, especially when I have no idea what I even feel myself. I find Leisa perceptive, easy and lovely lady to work with.

Brenda, Brighton

Whilst doing the Kinesiology Foundation course with Leisa Brown we were introduced to the benefits of E.F.T.    The class was well aware of my severe spider phobia and so I agreed to give it a go. The flower remedy mimulus was also used.

Initially Leisa asked me if I could look at a picture, but I was horrified at the thought and couldn’t even consider it. Then she started tapping a particular acupuncture point and also gave me some mimulus flower remedy. This tapping continued for a considerable time before I was finally able to look at the picture. Leisa then asked me if I could hold the picture but I just couldn’t. The tapping continued and Leisa asked me to give the spider a name and to think of it with a hat and a big smile and booties. After a while I was able to hold the picture and not feel panicked at all.

Later on whilst workshopping another technique, I heard the word spider behind me. I looked around and sure enough there was one in the room. I was not scared and when Leisa put a glass over it to take it outside I took it from her and brought it outside myself. This for me was truly awesome and although I know I will require more work it was certainly a breakthrough moment that will always stay with me. For anyone with a phobia I would truly recommend E.F.T.

Ann, Arundel

My husband and I have had many aromatherapy massage treatments in a variety of venues in this country and abroad, none of which match those offered by Leisa. She manages to combine a very friendly and relaxed approach, whilst maintaining a professional manner. Leisa never rushes a treatment, she takes the time to listen to how you’re feeling, offers advice on health matters and puts you completely at ease. This, together with the spiritual healing she also gives, leaves us feeling fully relaxed and stress free.

Leisa has been giving therapeutic treatments to us for over 14 years, during which time she has become a great family friend. We now live more than 300 miles away from her, but she still comes to see us and give us our treatment …. and it’s certainly worth the wait!

Wendy and Paul Canning, Lancashire

I went to Leisa for a kinesiology and EFT session as I have had years of digestive problems with blaotedneddess and feeling constantly tired. Leisa was very thorough as she asked me a variety of health questions and I immediately felt she was an experienced practitioner. She then tested my body’s acceptance to different types of food and we quickly discovered that I had an intolerance to wheat, which I had suspected for years and to raw cane sugar, which again I had a feeling about but had ignored as I loved chocolate. Leisa took her time to explain to me what was happening to my body when I ate these foods and this certainly made me take notice and feel more responsibility towards my health and eating. She then used EFT to help alter my mental and emotional reasons for the chocolate cravings, which were driven by the need for comfort. We then discussed what foods I could eat instead of wheat and where I could buy them.  Within a week of the treatment I had hardly eaten any chocolate, I had had 2 small pieces because I wanted to rather than because I needed to and have cut out wheat to the best of my ability. I have been eating a lot healthier with more salads and fruit and feel much better. The best thing is not having chocolate cravings any more! Thank you Leisa, I feel much better.

Clair, Portslade

The work that I have done with Leisa Brown has changed my entire life and I felt I had to write this as a tribute to her work. With the combination of emotional freedom techniques, kinesiology, healthy eating and Leisa’s support and understanding, it enabled me to become the person I wanted to be.

When I first went to see Leisa, I was so angry with the world that everything appeared to go wrong. I was constantly depressed, I suffered from an anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome (Repetitive Strain Injury), I didn’t have many friends, I was being disciplined in my job, I’d just broken up with a childhood sweetheart, and I saw everything in a negative way. It was the last straw when one day I got so angry and saw red, that I smashed my fist through a glass pane in a door and felt absolutely no pain – just utter relief that I had managed to find an outlet and I decided enough was enough.

I heard about Leisa through a friend and started with an initial consultation where I instantly felt at ease, and was given the impression that my problems were easily sorted as long as I was prepared to put in the work required to help myself. At that stage, I was willing to do anything, and I followed Leisa’s advice and guidance to the letter, investing in the necessary nutrition supplements necessary to help the specific things I was suffering from.

Within a very short space of time, I began to feel a lot differently. People noticed a change in me – I was a lot calmer for a start. My obsessive compulsive thoughts at first began to decrease in intensity and then disappeared altogether (I can hand on heart say I don’t even suffer relapses from this condition anymore). The RSI was identified as an emotional issue and is easily managed now – at least I know if I feel pain in my wrists, I can start to think about what is upsetting me and get to the root cause of it to start to take this physical pain away. With the help of emotional freedom techniques, Leisa helped me to overcome my very painful breakup and enabled me to move on, no longer dwelling on the past as my ex continued to do. He couldn’t understand how I got over him so quickly. What Leisa had done was not taken away the reality of the situation which is always needed to make the right choices about what is right for you (and not to make the same mistakes again) – but she just enabled me to not attach pain to what had happened and to enable me to move on.

Things started to go right for a change. The more positive I became the more positive things I attracted, and what made it even better was that Leisa would always maintain that it was 100% down to my hard work and determination, which always boosted my self-esteem and self confidence – it was no longer a vicious negative circle – it was a lovely tranquil positive circle!

In my opinion, Leisa Brown is the most professional holistic therapist I have met so far. She keeps things private, as a doctor does, and always has your well-being and best interests at heart. Her compassion and kindness always shows through when she works with you, and has shown strong determination in getting to the root causes of my problems, which made me feel great because it meant she never gave up on me.

I’d like to say a big thank-you Leisa, for helping me to become the person I want to be – for freeing me from the prison in my own mind and for always believing I would make it to the place I’m in now and more importantly believing in me.

Lisa, London

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